10 Fun Math Games for Kids

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I adore fun math games. Helping kids learn through play is something I will always get behind.

If your child is struggling with a specific math skill, it may be a good idea to try and introduce it in the form of a game. Sometimes, making it seem like play eases the anxiety of getting the answers right.  

Another fun idea might be to introduce the new concept with a game first! Either way, we have a great list of fun math games to get you started.


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10 Fun Math Games for Kids

Sum Swamp  – Practice addition and subtraction as you make your way through the swamp.

Sumoku – This is similar to a crossword puzzle but with numbers! There are five game variations so this game is great for any age group.

Head Full of Numbers  – This game is good for ages 7+ and is a fast paced dice game practicing equations.

Math Dice Jr – Math Dice for the younger kids ages six and over.

Sequence Numbers – Each card holds a subtraction or addition card. Get the right answer and add a chip to the board. When you get five – you win!

Clumsy Thief – This helps practice addition and also strategy skills. Great for ages 8 and older.

Pizza Fraction Fun – Practice fractions with pizza! This game has seven different game variations.

Mathological Liar – Play detective by using math skills to solve a mystery.

Hot Dots Kindergarten Math – This is an interactive game that kids can play individually to work on their math skills.

Rummikub – This classic game is fun for kids and adults and is played very similar to the card game, Rummy.

Even More Fun Math Games:

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