15 Incredible Playdough Recipes

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These playdough recipes are simply amazing! Some of them smell delicious, some of them look gorgeous, and some you can even eat! If you haven’t made your own playdough yet, you’ve got to try one of these.

We found these and so many other great crafts from the ideas you’ve been sharing with us over on our Facebook page and our activity link-ups. Head over and share yours!

15 Incredible Playdough Recipes

15 Incredible Playdough Recipes

1.  Batman Playdough – Perfect for the little boy who loves super heroes! from Crayon Box Chronicles.

2. Chamomile Playdough – Use a tea to create this calming playdough, by Squiggles and Bubbles.

3. Chocolate Ice Cream – Make this yummy smelling dough that looks just like chocolate ice cream. at Kids Activities Blog.

4. Chocolate Pudding – Use a chocolate pudding mix for this playdough from Coffee Cups and Crayons.

5. Christmas Glitter Dough – Fun and festive for the holidays, these green and red playdoughs add a little sparkle! from Love and Marriage blog.

6. Coffee and Cream – This recipe takes a little coffee and a little cream for cappuccino inspired playdough. From  Tutus and Tea Parties.

7. Edible Playdough – Perfect for the little ones who want to play, but still put everything in their mouth. at Kids Activities Blog.

8. Peanut Butter – Yes, this one is made from peanut butter, and it tastes so good. at Kids Activities Blog.

9. Pomegranate Dough – Using arils from a pomegranate, you can make playdough! from My Nearest and Dearest.

10. Pumpkin Playdough – This playdough is great for the fall pumpkin season! by Momma Doo.

11. Root Beer Float – Here is a recipe for a vanilla playdough and a root beer playdough that looks so tasty. from Crayon Box Chronicles.

12. Rose Playdough – This playdough smells just like a bouquet of roses! Perfect for Valentine’s Day. by Mama Rosemary.

13. Shiny Playdough – This super shiny playdough adds a little something from your makeup bag. at Kids Activities Blog

14. Sugar Plum – Soap and flour are the two main ingredients in this great smelling playdough, from Frogs and Snails and Puppy Dog Tails.

15. Yummy Marshmallow Dough – Mix a marshmallow and peanut butter for this fun adaptation of playdough, from Frogs and Snails and Puppy Dog Tails.

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