21 Super Summer Party Tips

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Are you hosting summer get-togethers this year? Make it the best ever with these 21 super summer party tips!

21 Super Summer Party Tips

21 Super Summer Party Tips

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Use this amazing trick from One Good Thing to tenderize even the cheapest of steaks into a delicious juicy steak for your summer grilling!

Make the best and most refreshing summer drinks with these amazing lemony ice cubes from Industrious Justice.

Make your life so much easier with this backyard hand washing station from Princess Pinky Girl. No more tracking mud through the house every time the kids need to wash hands so they can snack!

21 Super Summer Party Tips

Summer Party Tips and Tricks

Your kids will love these fancy mocktails from Modern Parents Messy Kids as a cold Summer drink.

If you are planning a party for kids these five tips will help you prepare for it!

Nichole Ciotti‘s healthy summer snack is sure to make your kids smile. Frozen grapes are fun to eat straight, and also a fancy substitute for ice cubes in drinks! 

21 Super Summer Party Tips

One Crazy House‘s easy drink hack will make your ice tea or club soda stand out above the rest! Take a fruit popsicle and chop it into bits. Put the bits into ice cube trays and freeze. Pop out at your party!

21 Super Summer Party Tips


Outdoor Summer Party Tips

Decorate your summer party with style while leaving your bank account intact with this gorgeous DIY garland from This Is Our Bliss.

The only thing that can make a sundae better on a hot day are these amazing brownie bowls from Today’s Mama!

Make fueling up during a backyard party a lot easier with this genius drink station idea from Lil’ Luna!

21 Super Summer Party Tips

If you are hosting a party with lots of tots, consider improvising with One Crazy House‘s mom hack and make a sink extender to save your guests backs and help your kids be more independent!

21 Super Summer Party Tips

Fun Summer Party Tips

Dress up a drink with some fancy ice cubes! Chop up a bunch of different colored popsicles, layer the cubes in a jar, and pour club soda over the cubes for a rainbow in your mouth!

21 Super Summer Party Tips

These macaroni cups from Cupcakes and Cashmere are every child’s dream come true and an essential summer snack!

Make messy backyard snacks a little bit cleaner with these genius watermelon pops from A Pretty Life!

21 Super Summer Party Tips

Summer Party Hacks

Stack your snacks to make transporting them easier on your party day. You can stack fruit and dip, or popcorn and nuts, using silicone cupcake liners, mason jars, and bento boxes. The options are endless.

21 Super Summer Party Tips

Don’t loose your cup! Mark your glass as yours with a DIY pipe cleaner coozie. Just wrap the pipe cleaner around the stem, and you have your own style, “marking” your cup.

Homemade potato chips are not only better for you and tasty. they’re also really fun to make! Instead of buying a bag, consider making these with your kids for your next bash! 

21 Super Summer Party Tips

Create a fun new summer tradition with with these cute interview questions. Quiz your kids, and record their answers to revisit later years!

Throw your little ones a teddy bear picnic they will never forget, with this sweet idea from Little Party Hacks. This is the cutest idea for a summer birthday! 

Host a fun backyard camping slumber party for your little ones and a couple friends! 

If you don’t want to go all the way with a backyard campout, you can feature a “camping center” setup for the kids at your next BBQ, complete with a tent, sleeping bags, chairs, and (supervised) campfire with songs, s’mores, and other favorite campfire foods and desserts

21 Super Summer Party Tips

More Summer Fun for Families

What is your favorite summer party hack? Comment below! 


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