22 {Extra Giggly} Games for Girls

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Games for girls is often something you don’t think about because girls love games just as much as boys do, but often their play IS different so Kids Activities Blog thought it would be great fun to highlight some girl games!  

We scoured the internet for some of the best giggly fun and here are 22 of our favorite activities for girls: games for girls, play pretend, become a princess, have a tea party, glam ideas and create together.

22 {Extra Giggly} Games for Girls

Our girls love being girly and playing games with their friends. My girls love to play games where they are princesses, drinking tea, pretending in elaborate worlds, putting glam on, and creating masterpieces with whatever items are made available to them.

Games for Girls

14 fun games for girls!

Here are 20+ ideas of games and activities for girls to enjoy.

girls play pretend... and lots of other game ideas and activities for girls

Girl Games {Play Pretend}

Play with DIY Paper Dolls. Even better, make your paper dolls on magnetic paper and use a metal case to store your princesses. via French Press Knits

Make a mask that your kids can wear and become new personalities in this drama game. via Kids Activities Blog

Have your child create and live through a “small world”. Anna, of The Imagination Tree, has lots of examples of small world play that her girls enjoyed on her blog.

Build a doll house for your characters out of cards and tape. It is the perfect size of “skyscraper” for Polly pocket dolls. via The Artful Parents

Lots of activities for your girls to "be" a princess

Girl Games {Become a Princess}

Give some Princess Totes to your party attenders. In this tutorial they sew the bags, but I bet the girls would love to make their own with glue guns! via A Girl and a Glue Gun

Princess Peacock – I love the easy tutorial on how to create your own embellished Tutu. I can easily see us adapting this to be a horse princess, or adding sequins instead of “feathers”. via Andrea’s Notebook

Create a no-sew tutu with your girls, using a collection of fabric and ribbon scraps. via Kids Activities Blog

Every princess needs a carriage. This could be a fun activity for kids – transform a cardboard box into a carriage fit for a queen. via Sun Hats & Wellie Boots

Play tea party... and lots of other games and activities for girls

Girl Games {Have a tea party}

In this fun kids activity, use a variety of tea cups with a variety of different colors of vinegar. Add teaspoons of baking soda for some fizzing fun. via In Lieu of Preschool 

Want to enjoy some cupcakes with your kids? But have kids who have allergies? How about create shaving cream cupcakes?? via Dilly Dali Art

Use pompoms as the tea in this fun preschooler activity. Your toddlers will love sorting and pouring. via Tinker Lab

You mean princesses can get dirty?? I love how daring Rebekah is with her daughter in this outdoor tea party. via the Golden Gleam

glam time! Games and activities for girls

Girl Games {Glam. Glam. Glam.}

Make edible bracelets together using jelly beans. via Kids Activities Blog

For your little princess, create some lacey crowns together. These are super simple to make, are a fun slumber party activity. Decorate and paint the lace the night before. Assemble in the morning. via Girl Inspired 

This hat is SUPER easy to create, they used butcher paper liquid starch and a basket ball – awesome! Great for Dress-up games. via Playdough to Plato 

Dress-up as a fairy or a butterfly with your own set of wings!! For a free DIY pattern, check out My Owl Barn.

Do your girls want to play with make-up but it’s not a good time for lipstick from their cheeks to their eyebrows?   Consider making your own toy makeup from old containers and nail polish. via Artsy Fartsy Mama

 20+ Games and activities for every girl!

Girl Games {Create Together}

Give your girls an Art portfolio that allows them to doodle anywhere. These would be a fun gift for a creative girl on-the-go! via Gingercake

Create frozen art with items found on a nature walk. Love this frozen rose bowl! via Learn With Play at Home

Have art bins ready to go for whenever creativity inspires your child. I bet you can have a variety of these for a group of girls to swap, and share. via Make Do and Friend

Make an on-the-go art kit – these kits are great for the older girl who is moving on from crayons. Playing House has lots of suggestions of items to include in your kit.

What games do your girls enjoy?

More Games for Girls

Kids Activities Blog has had a lot of girly fun. If you are looking for even MORE games for girls, check some of these fun kids activities:

Things to do with kids... Play Dough!!!

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