28+ Best Halloween Games For Kids–Fun Party Games for All Ages New for 2019!

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Throw the ultimate thrill-filled (non-spooky) event for and with your kids this October with these 28 awesome Halloween Party games for kids.  

We’ve got you covered here on Kids Activities Blog when it comes to fun halloween games, halloween activities, spooky crafts and homemade costume ideas this year = FUN. FUN. FUN!

28 ultimate halloween games for kids

Best Outdoor Halloween Games for Kids

So many of these games for kids are the classic halloween games that we all grew up enjoying.  They are tradition for a reason and I can’t wait to share them with my kids this fall season.  We used several of these outdoor Halloween games at my kids’ school for their Halloween class party.  The kids loved it!

Fall House

Give a cardboard box a Halloween make-over with spooky black chalkboard paint and new curtains today!! stinkin cute by KatherineMarie

Giant Spider Web

Our favorite activity every year is to weave a giant wool and twig web to hang outside the front door to frighten the neighbours!  The size of spider that would inhabit such a web is absolutely scary! (photo below) via mollymoocrafts

Boo Bowling

This Halloween game is just plain adorable!  Check out all the ghostly fun via its written on the walls

30 Days of Halloween Fun Calendar

Best Halloween Games for Your Party

Throwing a Halloween party for kids is one of my favorite type of kids’ parties.  It is so easy to theme, find cute and creepy decorations for, the food is awesomely silly and then everyone dresses up.

What more could you want from a Halloween party for kids?

Oh, games!  Yes, that too…so many fun games to play and so little holiday time.

Mummy Wrap

Split the kids into two groups, each group picks a ‘victim’ to wrap up in toilet roll like a mummy. Who wins?!! Just one of the shrieking great fun halloween party ideas from mymixofsix

Spider Web Gross Motor Activity

As simple, spooky but not at all frightening game for kids, while working on their gross motor skills without them knowing! via notimeforflashcards
(I’ve been waiting an entire year to write a halloween post so I could include this activity.

Best Halloween party games for kids

More Halloween Party Games for Kids of All Ages

Hello Mr Pumpkin

Pumpkin decorating is ‘classic’ halloween fun. Try this no-carve pumpkin idea which is great for toddlers, preschoolers and kids who don’t like getting messy (above) from mollymoocrafts

Donuts On A String

A fun alternative to bobbing apples – hands behind your backs and “try” and eat the donut!  Genius idea (and not just for halloween) from Tiffany Boerner via madlystylishevents

This is one of the games we did at our school and it was a huge hit.

Candy Corn Guessing Games

This is my all time favorite…how many candy corns are in the jar? inspiration from madlystylishevents

Halloween Gooey Guessing Games

One of my favorite games as a kid were the gooey guessing games often found in haunted houses.  Reaching into the unknown and feeling something squishy is one of the ultimate halloween experiences! 

Think of the fun and squeals with these halloween games for kids:

Fun Home Science For Halloween

Slimy. Gooey. Green. 
Gooey gross stuff so perfect for Halloween giggles.
pumpkin slime by learnplayimagine
eyeball soup by Fun At Home With Kids
stretchy green slime by Fun At Home With Kids

Halloween Party Games for Kids of All Ages

Creepy Halloween Games for Kids

Creepy doesn’t have to be scary.  These are more giggles than screams when it comes to halloween games for kids.

Spiders Lair

This is a fun Halloween party game, or anytime game!  Spiders just freak me out anyway! via chickenbabies (photo below)

Halloween Treasure Hunt

I wish I lived in KaterineMarie‘s house!! follow the clues to reveal the movie for Halloween Movie Night – what a fun idea for the entire family.  This would make a really good adult Halloween game as well.

Goofy Hanging Spiders

This was such a hit at my friends house last year. I gathered all the kids on the floor to make goofy spiders and the results were hilarious (photo below). via mollymoocrafts.com

Self-Inflating Ghost Balloons!

Ghost balloons are fun Halloween science magic from the lovely MamaSmiles

Ghost Races

Just like a traditional Potato Sack Race, except the white pillow case is decorated like a ghost – simple outdoor fun for Halloween from firefliesandmudpies

Free Printable Halloween Bingo

Halloween bingo is such a great party game for a group of kids (or adults)! 4 different designs to download from makoodle

Creepy Halloween Games for Kids

Halloween Games for Toddlers and Preschoolers Too

Nearly any of the halloween games for kids can be adapted for the younger players.  Halloween games are so fun for toddlers and preschoolers…they live their life in perpetual holiday-mode!  They won’t miss a beat joining in.

Ghost Bottle Bowling

Have fun knocking down a few ghosts with No Time For Flash Cards

Ghost Toss

Great for Halloween party fun or just playing with your kids. via messforless

Pumpkin Lego Treat Bag

Halloween fun that won’t rot their teeth! via repeatcrafterme

Fall Candy House Fling!

Decorating candy houses is such a fun group activity for friends and cousins. Make it an annual not-so-spooky fun game at Halloween (photo below). via KatherineMarie

Pumpkin Tic Tac Toe

So simple and genius, via itsoverflowing

Happy Halloween Mail

Open if you DARE! via KatherineMarie

Halloween Games for Toddlers and Preschoolers Too

Indoor Halloween Party Games

Looking for some games that kids can do inside?  Sometimes the October weather doesn’t cooperate with outside fall party plans…

Halloween Party Guessing Game

Add a little creepy to your halloween party fun with this guessing game ! via The Idea Room

Witchy Finger Puppets

Make mini witches hats for goofy finger puppet conversations via Classic-Play

Halloween Photo Booth

If you’re planning on throwing a Halloween party then here’s some fun (free printable) photo booth props your kids will love – it’s halloween selfie time!. photo above via No Biggie

Paper Bag Puppets

Paper bag puppets are a classic Halloween activity! crafty fun for a halloween party and handy for taking the treats home. via Make and Takes

Pin The Eye on the Monster

No party is complete without this classic blindfold game. The extra eyes add a perfect Halloween twist! photo above
via Lil Luna

Halloween Bingo

This free Halloween Bingo game is a easy hit at any gathering with kids (and grown ups)! via The Crafting Chicks


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