31 Days of Vegan Recipes

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At the start of a new year you might find yourself wanting to get on a new diet. If your chosen route is the Vegan diet then this list of 31 Days of Vegan Recipes is for you!

 31 days of vegan recipes

We’ve gathered breakfast, lunch, dinner and even snack ideas that will fit within the Vegan lifestyle so you can stay right on track with veganism. 

31 days of vegan recipes

In addition to these vegan friendly recipes, you can print our Vegan Meal Plan Calendar and know exactly what to make and eat when. It helps keep you on track and trying new recipes! This is perfect for participating in Veganary (Going Vegan in January).

This list Vegan Recipes is enough for an entire month (31 days) of Vegan friendly meals. Recipes include breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack ideas to eat while on the Vegan diet.

Vegan Breakfast Recipes

A list of Vegan Breakfast recipes.

Vegan Lunch Recipes

A list of Vegan Lunch recipes.

Vegan Dinner Recipes

A list of Vegan Dinner recipes.

Vegan Snack Recipes

A list of Vegan Snack recipes including yummy dessert ideas.


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