Blood Clot Jello Cups

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Halloween is about scary good fun!

Sure you can make up a batch of cute vampire bat cookies, or serve up some fruit monsters but those aren’t exactly eery or terrifying. So while you are planning your Halloween parties over the next few weeks, remember the kids you will be serving too.

These Blood Clot Jello Cups are tasty, but creepy at the same time. Kids are going to loose their cool over these! (affiliate links are included in this post). 

blood clot jello cups

Supplies Needed to Make Blood Clot Jello Cups:

How to Make Blood Clot Jello Cups:

  1. Prepare the raspberry jello mix according to directions on box. Allow to refrigerate for several hours until firm.
  2. Remove jello from fridge. Using your 2 forks, sort of “fluff” the jello so that it tears into chunks. Remember the idea is to make it look “clotty”.
  3. Place pieces of the jello into a clear plastic cup until full.blood clot jello cups steps
  4. In another cup mix some of your strawberry glaze and red food coloring. Note: The strawberry glaze is translucent so adding the red food coloring makes it darker and more blood like. It is also better to allow the strawberry glaze mixture to hit room temperature because then it becomes more drippy and easier to apply to the cup.
  5. Apply whipped cream to the top of the gelatin. This is not necessary but gives a nice contrast against the red.
  6. Use a spoon to drizzle the strawberry glaze mixture over the top of the whipped cream. Of course, it looks awesome having some drip down the sides.
  7. Serve to guests and enjoy! 


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