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Are you looking for a fun, non-candy treat for Easter eggs?

We’ve got you covered!

Kids will love the oozy, gooey, slimy fun of Gak Filled Easter Eggs!

Kids will love finding Gak Filled Easter Eggs in their Baskets!

Non-Candy Easter Eggs with Gak

Gak is so cool! It stretches and squishes like slime, but is a lot less messy.

That’s what makes it the perfect material for filling Easter eggs.

Kids can take it out right away to play, then pop it back into the egg for easy storage.

Supplies Needed: (affiliate links)

To make Gak Filled Easter Eggs, you’ll need to gather plastic Easter eggs that do not have holes. (If your eggs have holes, you could fill them in with hot glue.)   


Then follow our easy Two-Ingredient Gak recipe to make the gak. We used green glittered school glue!

Gak Filled Easter Eggs

Next, press a small bit of gak into each side of the egg.

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Gak Filled Easter Eggs

Then snap the egg shut. Repeat with the rest of the eggs!

Gak Filled Easter Eggs

When opened, the gak will briefly hold  the shape of the Easter egg before slowly oozing out. My children had fun holding the gak up high then letting it cascade into the other half of the egg.

Gak Filled Easter Eggs

Doesn’t it look like fun?

More Easter Egg Toy Fun

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Looking for more Easter Egg fun? Here is another colorful idea that kids will love!

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We love candy-free Easter Eggs, especially those that can be used as toys! What’s your favorite way to fill an Easter egg? Leave a comment!

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