Child scared to use the potty?

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Last week, I read an e-mail about a child that was scared of the potty.  We talk about toilet training a lot around here, so I had to ask for advice from other families… and the advice was perfect.

What to do when your child is scared of the potty:

  • The little seats that sit on the big potty help little ones feel more comfortable. They make them with fun designs on them, so you could find one that would fit your child’s personality.
  • Start with a training toilet.  They are less scary, they are small and they are less intimidating.
  • Provide a stool near the potty. We found that our son liked having the security of a place to rest his feet and to help him get onto the potty by himself.
  • Give your kids a lot of books, crayons or even a tablet while sitting on the toilet (distraction is key here)
  • Before you officially start potty training, bring your little one with you to the bathroom and show them how you sit and go potty and how easy it is.
  • Role play using the potty by using their stuffed animal or dolls to “go potty”.
  • Do not get upset when your child shows fear about the potty, it may take time for them to get used to the idea and there is no point in pushing them too hard.
  • Get some books on using the potty. There are some fun options that encourage little ones in potty training.
  • As silly as it may sound, our son loved Daniel Tiger’s episode on potty training. The little son gets in your head, and your child’s, and it was actually very helpful!

  • Put together a little basket of books for her to keep by the potty. She can feel a little ownership over the time.
  • Encourage her, and remember it may take time, but she will eventually overcome her fear. It is something new and can be intimidating for them.
  • Follow the tips in the book Potty Train in a Weekend.  We loved the chapter on getting over hurdles like this one.


What about you? What tips would you share? Remember to check out more tips over at our Facebook Page.


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