Christmas Activity: Tin Foil DIY Ornaments

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There is no Christmas activity more fun than trimming the Christmas tree together as a family. However, making these tin foil ornaments might come in a close second.

DIY ornaments are a great way to spend time together as a family and the ornaments make beautiful keepsakes to put on the tree year after year.

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Christmas Activity

Christmas Activity

Every year we create a few handmade Christmas ornaments. Some adorn our own tree, while others are given as gifts to Grandparents, Aunts and cousins. We sign and date them on the back and they are a lovely keepsake and treasured memories of time spent together during the Holiday season.

This year, we made these beautiful tin foil ornaments. They sparkle and shine as they reflect the tree lights. We love them. The best part is that they were so simple and fun to make.

Tin Foil DIY Ornaments

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To make tin foil ornaments you will need:

Christmas Activity

DIY Ornaments

1. Cut out festive shapes from your cardboard. We just drew ours freehand – they don’t need to be perfect. You could also use Christmas cookie cutters as a template. Simply place the cookie cutter on the cardboard, trace a line around the outside, and cut.

2. Cover the shapes in tin foil. Again, they don’t need to be perfect. In fact, if the tin foil becomes crinkled, this will give a lovely mottled effect when it comes time to paint the ornaments.

3. Paint the ornaments. Acrylic paint would adhere well to the foil however we used basic kids’ craft paint and it worked just fine.

4. Apply glue to the ornaments and add decorations such as beads, sequins and glitter.

Christmas Activity

Once the ornaments have dried, punch a hole at the top (or simply pierce with the pointed end of a pair of scissors if you don’t have a hole punch), thread through some ribbon or string, and then they are ready to be hung on the tree.

Christmas Activity

They really do look so lovely and colorful. If you are making these as gifts, you could even write a dedication on the back.

What a lovely memento for a grandparent, friends or neighbors.

More DIY Ornament Ideas

This Christmas activity makes beautiful ornaments that can be hung on the tree every Christmas. Tin foil is so fun and easy to work with.

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