Costco Just Launched A New Membership Feature And It’s Awesome

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How many times have you been grocery shopping while holding one child on your hip, another in a cart, and having to juggle putting items onto the belt and grabbing your wallet. Welcome to every single shopping experience for me. If my husband isn’t able to go with, that thought is quite exhausting to even think about but Costco is changing everything with one new feature they just launched!

Costco Just Launched A New Membership Feature And It Is Awesome

The feature was announced yesterday on Costco’s Instagram:

“The Digital Membership Card is now available on the Costco app. Create a account to access your card”


This means no more having to rummage through your purse or wallet to find your membership card. Just open your Costco app and it’s there! 


This is especially exciting for parents because it makes shopping with littles that much easier!

Upon the announcement, Costco members were asking all sorts of questions on Instagram. I’ve included them below for your reference!

Costco New Digital Membership Questions

Q: What about Costco Canada?

A: Great question! The Digital Membership Card is also available in Canada.

Q: Is the Costco Visa Card integrated as well or is it limited to the membership cards only?



A: The Costco Citi Visa card is limited to the membership card only. Thanks for checking!


Q: Can this be scanned at the register?


A: Definitely. The registers are just one of the many places where you can use your Digital Membership Card. Please visit the following link to learn more:


Q: Can I use it on Costco gas?

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