Easy St Patricks Day Snack {Mixing Yellow and Blue}

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We love this fun and easy St Patricks Day Snack! Are you looking for a quick and interactive treat to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day or another occasion? Combine vanilla pudding with M&M candies for green goodness kids will love! This is such a fun way for a younger toddlers or preschoolers to learn about colors and color mixing.

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easy st patricks day snack

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My kids love this easy St Patricks Day snack because they like watching the colors change right before their eyes while mixing it with a spoon.

As a parent, you’ll love it too because your kids are learning about basic art principles  and science experimentation all in a yummy snack. Before adding the candy, you can encourage your kids to predict what will happen.

For example, you might ask, “What will happen to the color of the pudding if we put blue candies into it?” or “What do you think the pudding will look like if we mix in yellow and blue candies together?

Here’s how to make our Easy St Patricks Day Snack:

easy st patricks day snack

easy st patricks day snack easy st patricks day snack

Easy St Patricks Day Snack



First, sort the M&Ms by color (blue, yellow, green). My youngest son had fun putting them into separate small bowls.

easy st patricks day snack

Next, take a pudding cup and remove the package seal. This is where you can ask experimentation questions and make theories before you start adding the M&Ms.

Then add equal amounts of blue and yellow M&M candies to the pudding cup and have your child stir it and test their theory. We used six blue candies and six yellow candies. They can add more blue and yellow or green M&Ms to intensify the color.

easy st patricks day snack

easy st patricks day snack

Finally, eat your science and art project! YUMMY!

Your kids may want to try other color combinations. Your kids will now know that yellow and blue make green…why not show them that red and yellow make orange, and blue and red make violet? Before you know it, an entire rainbow of pudding colors may appear!

easy st patricks day snack

If you decide to do this edible activity with your kids, we would love to hear about your results! Share your results with us on our Facebook page.

Julia from Roots of Simplicity was gracious enough to share this fun learning activity with us! For more Saint Patrick’s Day activities or other fun family and home crafts, check out her blog!

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