Easy Yarn-Wrapped Craft Stick Caterpillars

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These cute yarn-wrapped craft stick caterpillars focus on fine motor skills and tying. They’re perfect for small hands or even for bigger kids that enjoy creating patterns with yarn.

We love making children’s crafts with popsicle sticks — they are so easy to keep in the craft cabinet and you can do so many things with them.

Craft Stick Caterpillars

Easy Yarn-Wrapped Craft Stick Caterpillars

Here’s what you need to make craft stick caterpillars: (affiliate links are included in this post)

Craft Stick Caterpillars

To make these absolutely adorable little caterpillars, start by squeezing a thin strip of glue onto one side of the popsicle stick. It really isn’t necessary to add glue to both sides, the yarn will adhere just fine.

Unravel a good length of yarn and cut it from the roll. Press one end onto the bottom of the popsicle stick. Hold for a few seconds to ensure it sticks. Have the children start wrapping the yarn all the way up the popsicle stick.

When the whole popsicle stick is wrapped with yarn, glue the final end to the stick. Cut a small piece of pipe cleaner, glue to the backside of the popsicle stick, bend the ends. You have just made the caterpillar antennae!

Cut about 6 (for each caterpillar) 3-4 inch lengths of yarn for the legs. Have the child wrap it around the popsicle stick and tie to hold them in place.

Use a marker to draw a cute little face and Viola! The cutest yarn wrapped popsicle stick caterpillars.

Craft Stick CaterpillarsCraft Stick Caterpillars

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