Fabric Art Work for Valentine’s Day

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This  fabric art work would make a great Valentine’s Day gift for mom, dad, or grandparents! Your kids will have fun making their fabric art and will be so proud to see it framed.

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Framed Fabric Art Work

You don’t need much to get started on this great project!


  • photo frame
  • fabric cut to the size of your frame
  • fabric scraps with fun designs
  • iron
  • scissors {a rotary cutter is also nice}
  • straight pins
  • cardboard larger than your fabric
  • fabric glue
  • fabric paint or fabric crayons


How to Make the Valentine’s Day Fabric Craft

  • First, iron your fabric if necessary.
  • Cut your fabric to the size of your photo frame. I used an 11 x 14 frame, so I cut my white fabric to 11 inches by 14 inches.
  • Pin your fabric to a piece of cardboard. I used a large cereal box folded in half so the pins wouldn’t poke my table.
  • Then, grab your dye sticks or fabric paint. We used pastel dye sticks {oil pastels} made for fabric instead of fabric paint this time. My 3-year-old used the pastels like crayons to create his masterpiece on the fabric. He spent 40 minutes drawing with one color at a time, picking up the pastels, and placing them back in the box. Taking the pastels in and out of the box became a large part of the process for him!

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  • Follow the directions on your fabric paint or fabric crayons for setting the color to your fabric. Since the fabric isn’t going to be washed, it probably doesn’t matter too much, but I follow the directions anyway. Also, you could use regular paint or crayons to  achieve  a similar piece of art.
  • Now it’s time to add your fabric scraps to personalize the piece even more. I had this cute giraffe and heart fabric leftover. It seemed perfect for Valentine’s Day. I cut extra hearts out of some additional fabric scraps as well. Once the fabric scraps are positioned where you like them, add a little glue to keep them in place.

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Let your child’s imagination lead the way!

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