Hammerhead Shark Magnet – An Easy Shark Craft for Shark Week

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With Shark Week near, kids are probably drawing all sorts of sharks and underwater scenes. You can display them using this fun Hammerhead Shark Magnet that doubles as an easy, DIY shark craft!

Our boys loved making their own shark magnets and I am confident your kids will too. Once done, use them to chomp down and display important notes, shark drawings and all sorts of fun anywhere you can use a magnet!

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What You Need to Make a Hammerhead Shark Magnet:

How to Make a Hammerhead Shark Magnet:

Start by painting your clothespin blue. Don’t worry so much about the one of the sides cause this will be the bottom and will be covered by foam paper anyway. Try to get inside parts painted the best you can. You may need to apply a few coats until it looks correct. Let dry and set aside.

Now use a pencil and draw the shark body shapes onto the blue foam paper. Before you start be sure to keep them to scale when compared to the clothes pin, which will be the mouth and the front part of the body. Draw the following three parts: The first piece will be a shape that will be the body and tail including the front fins, the back fins, and tail fin. The second piece will be an oval that will be the front part of the head and body but on one end of an oval draw the hammer shape for the head. The final piece will be the dorsal fin. Now, cut out all pieces.

Once the paint is dry on the clothes pin, hot glue it on top of the first body part we drew (body with tail and fins).

Now flip it over and glue a magnet to the bottom of the clothes pin and foam paper.

Flip back over. Now glue two small googly eyes on the ends of the hammer head foam paper piece as well as the dorsal fin towards the other end of the oval shape.

Next, we’ll glue this entire piece onto the top of the clothes pin.

Now you have a hammerhead shark magnet clip to hang on the fridge and chomp down on important papers or kids artwork!

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