Homemade Non-Candy Melted Witch Halloween Treat Bags for Kids

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This adorable Halloween activity is perfect for not-so-scary kid fun.  We are going to make melted witch Halloween treat bags as an alternative to all that candy!

Let’s play with play doh at home or give these  no-candy treats that kids can make at home.

Halloween No-Candy Treat Idea

Halloween No-Candy Treat

Here’s another great alternative to Halloween candy! This sure is a cute witch Halloween treat that your kids will enjoy for weeks after October 31st.

I love to give practical gifts. It brings joy to my heart when I hear a friend tell me how they are still using a gift we made them! Makes it all worth it.  Well, this won’t last forever but it sure won’t be gone in a matter of seconds like candy will.

Play with Play Dough

What got me started on this craft was this fun pumpkin play dough craft.  I used jars to make pumpkins and filled them with delicious smelling pumpkin play dough to go in it.  I was on a roll with making play dough so I also made some lime jell-o play dough in hopes to incorporate it into a fun activity.

Make Play Doh

Melted Witch Halloween Favors

You will need:

  • Plastic Baggie
  • Black Construction paper
  • Green Play Dough

Place your play dough in a baggie and flatten it out.

Make the hat using black construction paper.  Glue both pieces and tape over your green jello play dough.

Play with Play doh

Add your cute little note “Witching You A Happy Halloween!” on a some fun paper and tape to the inside of the hat.

Halloween Printable Tags

Click here to download this free printable.

Halloween No-Candy Treat

We will definitely be making more of these for my son’s class. The little ones will love such a practical gift and the parents will be happy that it’s not more sugar!

More Halloween Kids Activities

Thanks so much for playing with us today.   We hope that this Halloween activity inspires you to play with play dough or make a homemade gift to give as a Halloween treat.

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