How to Get Gum Out of Hair {Tips for Moms}

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I didn’t think I would need to know how to get gum out of hair, but I can count on my kids to teach me something new every day. Here are some tips for moms that I hope you never actually need to use.

How to get gum out of kids hair

How to Get Gum Out of Hair {Tips for Moms}

My daughter and I were running errands one day and I soon realized that she had gotten quiet in the back seat. I didn’t think much of it, and just enjoyed the silence for a moment until…

“Mommy, I put my gum in my hair!  Wanna see?!”

Umm, did my daughter really just say that she intentionally put gum in her hair, and she is so proud of it that she wants me to see it?

Yes. Yes, she did.

I quickly pulled over because I wanted to address the problem before more hair got mushed into the gum.

Yep, there was a big chunk of purple gum well matted into her hair. I spent about 20 minutes there slowly picking the hairs out of the gum, while my little girl squirmed and cried about how I was pulling her hair.  

Ahem, whose idea was this again???

I got lots of gum out, but sadly I ended up having to just cut several chunks of hair.

Tips for moms on how to get gum out of hair

Tips for Moms

1. My first tip would simply be…don’t let your preschooler have gum. I actually believed in this rule before this incident. However, preschoolers are well known to have a knack for finding things they shouldn’t, especially when those things belong to their older brother.

2. Take your time and slowly try to remove the hairs from the gum. This is actually do-able if your child only got a small piece of gum stuck in there. But it takes patience for both mom and child. Find some way to entertain and distract your child to make the time pass more quickly for them.

3. Cover the area with something oily. Some people have had success with peanut butter, cooking oil, even WD-40! Work the oil into the gum, and hair. Eventually the hair will be too slick for the gum to remain stuck, and it can just be combed right out of there.

4. Make a mixture of baking soda and water, and work it into the hair.

5. Use a small amount of toothpaste and rub it on the hair around the gum. It will help the hair slide away from the gum.

6. And finally, if all else fails, pull out the trusty scissors and let your child try a new hairstyle for a while. Don’t worry Mom. It will grow back!

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What other suggestions do you have for how to get gum out of hair? Let us know in the comments, we’d love to hear!

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