How to Make a Shield {Viking Shield}

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Has your child ever tried to figure out how to make a shield for protection in a pretend battle? Here are some easy steps on making a very sturdy Viking shield. At Kids Activities Blog, we strive to give you and your child cool hands-on activities like these. (this post has affiliate links)

How to make a shield

How To Make A Shield

How to Make a Shield: (the materials needed)

  • Large piece of sturdy cardboard or foamboard
  • Scissors or box cutter to cut board
  • Materials to color the shield such as paint, heavy construction paper, aluminum foil
  • Colored tape such as duct tape, painters tape, or electrical tape
  • Two 1/4 inch bolts with round head and flat end (not pointed)
  • Four washers
  • Four nuts
  • Small strip of fabric for handle

Viking Shield


1. Use the scissors or box cutter to cut the board into two circles with one much smaller than the other.

2. Color each circle. My son used green bulletin board paper for the large circle, and aluminum foil for the small circle.

3. Decorate the large circle with stripes using the tape.

4. Next you will attach the handle. Punch two holes in the small circle for the bolts.

5. Line up the small circle with the center of the larger circle and punch two holes in the large circle that match the holes in the small circle.

6. Put a washer on each bolt and insert it into a hole on the front of the shield making sure that it goes through both pieces of board with the smaller board on top. Repeat with the second bolt.

7. Line up the strip of fabric with the two holes and punch the holes in the fabric.

8. On the back side of the shield, attach the fabric to the shield by placing it on the two bolts.

9. Add a washer and nut to each bolt.

10. You can decorate the front of the shield a little more or just call it done. I had hoped my son would make a classy looking shield with just two basic stripes on it but he loved decorating with the different colors of tape and went a little crazy with it. I’m glad he had so much fun and customized his shield just the way he wanted it.

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