How To Make A Simple Paper Plate Marble Maze With Your Kids

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Sometimes you just need a quick and easy activity for kids. This paper plate marble maze uses basic paper straws and glue. It’s perfect for car rides, lazy afternoons, or a quick STEM activity for school.

How To Make A Simple Paper Plate Marble Maze

Paper Plate Marble Maze

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When the kids are bored and you feel out of ideas, paper plates always come to the rescue. With a little imagination, paper plates can become anything kids dream.

A paper plate marble maze is easy to put together. You only need a few supplies, and kids can easily customize their own mazes. If kids want to, they can paint their paper plates in advance. Check out this version for even more ideas!


How To Make A Simple Paper Plate Marble Maze


After gathering supplies, invite kids to cut the straws into shorter pieces with scissors. Using a variety of sizes makes the maze interesting!How To Make A Simple Paper Plate Marble Maze

Next, show kids how to glue their straws to the paper plate to create a maze. We used tacky craft glue, but white school glue would work as well.

Creating the maze requires some planning, as kids will have to decide where the start and end of their maze is. 

You may wish to have kids design their maze on a piece of paper first. It will be fun to see their project come to life!

How To Make A Simple Paper Plate Marble Maze

Paper Plate Marble Maze Challenge

When kids are done creating their mazes, it’s challenge time! Study the science behind movement while having a friendly competition …because fun!

Can they get their marble or wooden bead from start to finish without dropping it? After they succeed, invite them to trade mazes with a friend.

After that, they can race each other with a paper plate marble run. Up the ante and get even more scientific by using different sized round beads/ marbles, to see how that affects speed!


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