JLo Just Pole Danced in Front of Children. Is This What Women’s Empowerment Looks Like?

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I am going to start by saying I Love J.Lo and just about everything she stands for as a woman. I also loved her Half-Time Super Bowl Performance tonight except for maybe one part… You see, JLo Just Pole Danced in Front of Children. Is This What Women’s Empowerment Looks Like?

I certainly hope that doesn’t sound too judgy but I have to say, that was NOT my favorite part of the performance.

Do I think J.Lo looks amazing? Yes. 

Do I think she can pole dance like a boss? Also yes.

But I don’t think that was meant to be seen by children. 

My two young boys and daughter was watching the game with us tonight – as a family. Sure, my boys can be like, “She’s Hot” as she’s dancing and shaking her booty but pole dancing in front of thousands of children all over the nation was a bit much. 

Again, I am totally not trying to be overly judgmental because I know pole dancing is no joke. It’s actually one of the things I want to learn how to do but from the privacy of my own home. Not where my boys can see it and not where others kids’ can see it. It’d pretty much be for my husband and I ONLY.

I am not sure what went on through JLo’s mind and I probably never will know but she has nothing to prove. Sure, she’s 50 but she’s still GOT IT. She’s amazing.

She can sing, dance and shake her booty. She doesn’t need to pole dance for millions in order to prove how amazing she is.


Maybe I am an old soul (I am not even 30 yet) but I think the pole dancing could have been eliminated and it still would have been an amazing performance. Unless, I am wrong and this is some sort of new women’s empowerment thing? If it is, it really isn’t something I intend on teaching my daughter but to each their own.

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