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We thought it would be fun to super-size your coloring pages today with jumbo coloring pages that you can print at home.

Normally we publish coloring pages here at Kids Activities Blog that are printed on regular letter-sized paper, but these jumbo coloring pages are for legal-sized paper making them both easy to print and just a little cooler. And if you like these, check out a really big (should I say JUMBO) list of jumbo coloring books we found that is listed below!

Have we taken them to a grander level? {giggle}

Jumbo Coloring Pages

I’m a huge fan of coloring pages and coloring in general as I find it super relaxing.  And while these aren’t just for kids, they are really good for toddlers, preschoolers and Kindergarten.

Free Printable Jumbo Coloring Pages

Sharpen the coloring pens or even better bring out the watercolors and let the fun begin!

Giraffe example for Jumbo Coloring Pages

Your kids can stick with the realistic  colors or can make a wonderful masterpiece with all the colors of the rainbow (hint, hint rainbow giraffe looks awesome!).  Here is a little inspiration…

Colorful Tiger inspiration for jumbo coloring pages

Once they are done they can hang these on the wall, I think they will look great.  Giant coloring pages like this just seem more like wall art.

The Printable Jumbo Coloring Pages  Pack  Includes

  • 1 legal sized page with a  giraffe.
  • 1 legal sized page with a tiger.

To download & print these giant coloring page pack at home, simply add your email in the box below and we will deliver them to your inbox:

Jumbo Coloring Books

I love the idea of BIG ART!  And that is what comes with making coloring bigger and better.  Here are a list of fun jumbo coloring books for kids of all ages.

If you are looking for giant coloring page fun, our list is separated by age so you can find just the right jumbo fit!  There are affiliate links in this article.

Coloring books for toddlers

Jumbo Coloring Books for Toddlers

Jumbo coloring books for toddlers is the perfect combination.  Their chubby fingers around extra-large crayons will work nicely both inside and outside the lines!  Here are our favorite jumbo coloring books for toddlers:

Coloring books for preschooler/kindergartners

Jumbo Coloring Books for Preschoolers/Kindergartners

I love using these giant coloring books for preschoolers and Kindergartners because they appreciate the size…they know what a normal coloring book looks like and realize this is different and awesome.  Here are a few ideas for kids ages 4-8:

Kids making jumbo coloring poster

Jumbo Coloring Poster

Any of these coloring pages or the books listed above could create a jumbo coloring poster to display.  Another way of creating something larger than a traditional 8 1/2″ x 11″ coloring page is to get a poster board (or even a legal size paper) and then use scissors to cut out smaller coloring page images to create a full scene.

To create a jumbo coloring poster from smaller pages you will need:

  • Crayons
  • Scissors
  • Glue – my favorite is a glue stick for these type of projects
  • Poster board, large craft paper or legal-sized paper

Step 1:  Start by coloring the pages as desired.

Step 2: Cut out the colored shapes.

Step 3: Paste on to a poster board or larger piece of paper.

More Coloring Pages & Printable Projects

When these pages are colored it is time to play.

Why not open up a shop and use the printable play money for the most fun possible.

Or let them get even more creative by making their own comic books with these easy to use comic book templates.

Also check these ocean themed coloring pages for more coloring madness (in a good way that is)!

Jumbo Coloring Pages Free Kids Printable

See the box above to grab our fun jumbo coloring pages for free.

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