Kids Bored in the Summer? Here are 15 Things To Do!

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What do you do when your kids are bored in the summer?   How can you keep them occupied?   It can be a struggle to beat boredom, but we have some ideas!

kids bored in summer

First of all, remember that boredom is a good thing.  It gives our kids a chance to entertain themselves.  It lets them keep themselves busy.  It gives them a chance to use their imaginations.

However… sometimes you might want to help them find ways to entertain themselves, so here is what we suggest:

  • Create a schedule for the summer. This way the kids will know that at 9am they work on schoolwork or at 10am they will be going to the park, etc.
  • Put together a Boredom Jar.
  • Remind them of 5 fun toys they have and send them on their way. Within ten minutes, they are busy playing.
  • Keep screens to a limit. Screen time is good but can be overused. Set specific times during the day for the screen or use the “No Screentime Until Printable” 
  • Make a summer bucket list together and work on crossing off one activity a week or day.
  • Have themed days like Make it Monday and Trip Tuesday. This can help the kids look forward to specific days.
  • Help your child find a hobby they are passionate about and can focus on.
  • Set up a time of the day for reading.
  • Visit the library to get books your child is interested in.
  • Give them chores. When my kids cannot seem to occupy themselves, they pick a chore from the chore chart basket.
  • Start a family summer project. Could you all start a garden or work together on something? Find a project everyone can focus on.
  • Let them look up forts & then let them build one.
  • Play Cake Wars 
  • Get out a sprinkler.  This keeps our kids busy for hours.
  • Go to a movie.  Most towns have cheap “kid flicks” in the summer, so for $3, you can watch a movie complete with popcorn & a drink.  Search your local town’s Facebook page to find cheap movies near you.

What would you add to the list? Remember you can find more fun ideas over on our Kids Activities Facebook Page.


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