Make a Jelly Bean Bracelet! {EASTER CRAFT}

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Grab some candy and the kids and let’s Make a Jelly Bean Bracelet! This kids activity makes such a fun Spring or Easter craft. Let your kid’s creativity soar and they’ll be sure to come up with all sorts of different jellybean jewelry designs. They could even easily turn this jelly bean craft into a jelly bean necklace. Kids Activities Blog hopes that you can sneak a jelly bean or two for yourself while your child makes this fun bracelet!

Here’s another DIY bracelet idea your kids can make–Cheerios Bracelets! Try it with other cereals for even more options and colors.

jelly bean bracelet craft

I love a good jelly bean so if you handed me this jelly bean bracelet at a party, I would be that one adult who would take it. Especially if they are gourmet jelly beans.  I am one of those people who savors the flavor of each jelly bean one by one. This is an easy kid activity to do with all those jelly beans you will be gathering around Easter time.  

It’s great for fine motor skills practice and you can even have your little ones make patterns to add another educational component to it. Here’s how to make a Jelly Bean Bracelet:

jelly bean bracelet craft

jelly bean bracelet craft jelly bean bracelet craft

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Jelly Bean Bracelet

Supplies needed:


First, using scissors, cut a length of thread two to three times longer than you want your jelly bean bracelet. This is so you’ll have a little extra thread to tie a knot at the end or if you want to make the bracelet a little stronger by doubling the thread up.

Tie a knot at the end.

jelly bean bracelet craft

Next, take your needle and press it into the jelly bean and slide it all the way through. You could use a plastic needle for this step, especially if you have younger children, but older kids can use a large metal needle with a blunt end.

An eight-year-old should be able to use a large metal hand sewing needle all by herself.

jelly bean bracelet craft

Tip: I applied a small amount of shortening on the end of needle to make it easy to remove the gunk from the jelly beans.

Continue adding jelly beans, one by one, until it’s the length you want it. We stopped half-way through and added a pom pom for decoration.

jelly bean bracelet craft

jelly bean bracelet craft

Finally, once the jelly bean bracelet is how you want it, simply tie a knot at the end and put it on.

jelly bean bracelet craft

Isn’t it so pretty?!

jelly bean bracelet craft

jelly bean bracelet crafteaster jelly bean bracelet

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