Make a Twizzler Candy Bracelet

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It’s cold, rainy lazy day and this edible candy bracelet activity is great to keep the kids engaged and entertained indoors. 

Let’s make a candy bracelet!

How to Make a Twizzler Candy Bracelet
Make a candy bracelet!

Don’t have any twizzlers?

You can make bracelets with fruit loops. We’ve even made bracelets out of jelly beans – if it’s edible and sweet it will keep the kiddos engaged.

How to Make a Candy Bracelet

All you need to make your own Twizzler bracelets is:

    • ribbon
    • package of Twizzler candy

We dug into the last of our Halloween candy (gasp!   Candy doesn’t have an expiration date does it?), the snack-sized packs are perfect.  

First, I chopped them into segments with a knife.  We found that a plastic knife would also do the job if you have an older child that wants to cut as well…obviously, supervise!

Meanwhile, the kids got to practice self-control, fine motor skills, and pattern-making as they created their jewelry.  

Ironically, this post could alternately be titled, “how to get your kid to eat less candy.” I think it’s interesting how interacting with their food makes the kids enjoy it more, even if there is less of it to go around.

This package of Twizzlers made a total of 4 bracelets (with a few pieces left for me to nibble on).

What Candy Works Best for Making Candy Bracelets?

I think you would get a different response from each candy bracelet artist, but I think Twizzlers are one of the better candies to use for bracelet making.

Here are the pros of Twizzlers as a candy bracelet material:

  • Twizzlers don’t melt fast when worn
  • They have bright colors
  • Easy to work with and cut in different lengths
  • Can find them at almost any grocery store (you probably have some at home)

Other candy that is often used for candy bracelet making are:

  1. Lifesavers
  2. Gummy bears
  3. Conversation hearts
  4. Cereal like Cheerios or Fruit Loops
  5. Gummy rings
  6. Jelly beans
  7. Candy wrappers…oh, that sounds fun!

Adapt the instructions for whatever left-over candy you might have around the house!

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