Make Popsicle Stick American Flags As a Veterans Day Craft

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Are you looking for a craft to honor and observe Veterans Day, while the kids are home from school? Popsicle stick American flags are quick and easy! Plus, you might already have everything that you need! 

Popsicle Stick American Flags

Popsicle Stick American Flags

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Whenever my children are home from school due to a patriotic holiday that honors those who have fought or are currently fighting for our country, I try to incorporate an age-appropriate discussion as to why the kids are off, and the meaning behind the day. Crafting is the perfect activity for this conversation!

For each popsicle stick American flag, you’ll need:

1.) First, paint four wooden craft sticks with the each paint color: red, blue, and white.

2,) Then, paint the wooden stars white. Once the paint has dried, cut the blue sticks in half.

3.) Use a sponge brush to coat the two unpainted popsicle sticks in Mod Podge, and then line up the red and white painted sticks horizontally across them.

4.) Next, cover the painted sticks in decoupage, and then place the cut blue sticks into the top left corner of the flag.

5.) Cover the blue square in decoupage, and place the white stars on top of it.

6.) Allow to dry overnight.

7.) Once dry, trim the unpainted popsicle sticks so they aren’t visible beneath the flags.

US flags from popsicle sticksAmerican flags from popsicle sticks

These popsicle stick American flags can be made into magnets, by hot gluing a tiny magnet to the back. This would make a thoughtful DIY gift for Veterans to thank them for their service!

Patriotic Crafts

Does your family have a favorite patriotic craft or recipe? Comment below! 


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