Preventing Fleas Naturally

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Are you looking for natural ways to treat fleas? Essential oils can be an ideal home remedy to take into consideration. Here are some tips for preventing fleas naturally.

Preventing Fleas Naturally

Preventing Fleas Naturally

Choosing the Right Essential Oils for Flea Treatment

If you’re planning to use essential oils to prevent fleas naturally, it’s important to put some thought into what essential oil you should use. You should do your research ahead of time since certain essential oils can be toxic to dogs and cats.

A few of the essential oils you will never want to apply topically or expose your cat or dog to include peppermint, tea tree, pine oil, or clove oil.   

If you’re looking for an essential oil that is both safe for your pet, and that will get rid of fleas, you might consider using lavender oil. When diluted, it is safe for dogs and cats and has been found to be a great flea killer. Orange essential is also a great flea eliminator and is safe for dogs.

It’s also worth noting that cats tend to be more sensitive when it comes to all essential oils. You might find that there are better DIY flea remedies for your kitty. You should avoid applying essential oils topically to your cat.

Preventing Fleas Naturally

Ways to Use Essential Oils to Treat Fleas

There are several different ways to use essential oils to prevent fleas naturally. Here are some of the different ways you can use them:

  1. Use essential oils in your cleaning routine. In order to get rid of fleas, you need to rid your home of fleas – not just your pet! Therefore, you might consider using essential oils to clean areas where your pet sleeps throughout the day, as well as your own bedding. Once the fleas are gone, continuing this routine can help keep fleas at bay.

If you use essential oils when cleaning, it’s extremely important to make sure that you dilute your oils more than you normally would.

  1. Make a flea shampoo for your dog. You can add one drop of a carefully selected essential oil to your dog’s shampoo. If you have a larger dog, you might want to consider adding two drops.
  2. Brush essential oils into your dog’s fur. Create a 1% diluted solution with the essential oil of your choice and a carrier into water. Then spray it onto dog’s brush. Brush your pets fur to distribute the essential oil throughout their body and rid him of fleas.

These are just some tips for using essential oils to prevent fleas naturally! If you have any concerns, be sure to talk to your vet before using essential oils around your pet.

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