Printable Christmas Placemats {Free Kids Printable}

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Things can get a bit hectic at the dinner table when everyone is waiting for the food.

However these cute Christmas placemats should keep the little ones busy!

Your kids will have fun with Christmas coloring pages, maze solving, drawing and more!

Printable Christmas Placemats

Free Printable Christmas Placemats

The dinner is almost ready, just a few minutes more… And then the questions start.

Mom, how long?

When will the dinner be ready?


You know if you manage to get them to actually sit at the table and wait in the first place.

All the “horror” scenarios aside these fun placemats should make things more fun for your kids and waiting for the dinner easier for them and for you.

The Christmas Placemats for Kids Set includes:

  • 1 letter sized placemat to color.
  • 1 letter sized placeamt with Christmas activities (word search, mazes and more!)

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