Recycled Coffee Creamer Bottle Craft Perfect for Valentine’s Day

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Today we are creating a Valentine craft from a recycled coffee creamer bottle. What’s better than a regular homemade craft? A really cute penguin craft that uses materials you already have on hand!

Recycled Valentine Craft - International DelightRecycled Coffee Creamer Bottle Craft

Your kids will love making this penguin with you. They can fill their penguin with red and pink candy and give it as a Valentine’s Day gift to their friends or their crushes or… their mama 🙂


  • An empty coffee creamer bottle 
  • Hole punch
  • Sheet of black construction paper
  • Straw
  • 2 googly eyes
  • Scrap of yellow cardstock
  • Sheet of Valentine-ish scrapbook paper
  • Glue
  • Double-sided thick foam dots or tape

Valentine Craft SuppliesValentine Penguin Craft

What I love about the empty coffee creamer bottles {usually I prefer full ones!} is that the label can be easily peeled off to reveal a completely blank canvas for crafting fun.  The packaging is shrink-wrapped.

  1. Remove the label from the coffee creamer bottle.
  2. Cut a black piece of construction paper into a 8 1/2″ square and then cut a slight taper in on two sides.
  3. Glue the top of one of the straight sides just below the black cap of the bottle onto the white plastic.
  4. Cut out two wings from the left-over scrap of black paper and glue the top of each wing in the proper penguin wing position.
  5. Then, cut the yellow card stock into a square and fold one end into a point and hold it together with the foam dots or tape. Cut a beak opening into the yellow covered foam and trim beak to fit on the bottle.
  6. Glue beak on bottle along with the googly eyes.
  7. Fold a portion of the Valentine themed paper  accordion-style the width of desired bow tie.  Use another scrap as the bow tie knot and glue into position.
  8. Create a double-sided heart and glue on the end of a drinking straw.
  9. Punch a hole in one of the wings and fit the heart straw through the hole.

Valentine Craft before and after

Ta Da!

It is like coffee creamer bottle make-over!

When we were all done, my oldest son said, “Next time we are making this into Darth Vadar”.  He is right.  Our International Delight bottle is the perfect size and shape for Darth!

Another fun idea to recycle bottles come from one of our favorite blogs, Hands On As We Grow where the bottles were transformed into vases!

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