Shark Paper Plate – An Easy Shark Week Paper Craft

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Shark Week in our house marks a fun week of shark themed crafts and activities. And in anticipation of Shark Week this year, we made this Shark Paper Plate and we are sharing it with you today!

Our youngest son really wanted a shark craft he could pretend to “bite” his older siblings with and that’s when we decided a shark paper plate craft was fun and harmless enough to allow him to do that. So, if you’ve got a little one that likes to bite and chomp, this is the perfect craft to do on a hot, sunny day!

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What you need to make a Shark Paper Plate:

How to Make a Shark Paper Plate:

Start by cutting off the outer rim of the paper plate. Now fold paper plate in half so that you have an idea of how the mouth will look and to make a crease in the plate.

Unfold the plate and start cutting triangle shaped teeth around the entire edge of the plate. When you have cut out all the teeth, fold plate in half again and start painting the outside of the plate blue. Don’t paint the teeth. Leave them white.

Once the blue paint has dried, paint the inside of the mouth red. Again don’t paint the teeth. If your plate is not white just use some white paint on the teeth.

Set aside to dry. Now take your blue foam paper and cut out a fin using scissors. Make sure the fin isn’t too big or too small compared to the plate.

When all the paint is dry, use some glue, we prefer a hot glue, to attach the two google eyes and fin on the top of the folded plate. It doesn’t matter which side you choose to make the top. Do whatever looks best to you.

Now the plate resembles a shark with some nice big chompers .

The plate should stay some what open on its own and you can hold it from the back end and squeeze on the top and bottom together to make the mouth open and close. Get ready to chomp and bite on some fish!

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