Simple and Sweet Construction Paper Flower Bouquet for Kids!

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This Mother’s Day Paper Flower Bouquet is a perfect craft for kids. Everyone loves flowers, and homemade presents are the sweetest. This gift is the best of both worlds!

Paper Flower

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Making Mother’s Day Construction Paper Flower Bouquet

Here’s what you need to make this Mother’s Day Bouquet:

flowers collage wm


  • Cut 3 inch wide strips of colored construction paper, one for each flower you wish to make.
  • Cut slits almost all the way through each strip,  kind of like when you’re making grass for a paper craft.
  • Put a line of glue along the solid edge, place a popsicle stick at one end and roll it up inside of the paper.
  • Add a  thin piece of duct tape around the base of the paper flower to reinforce  it onto the popsicle stick.
  • Use your fingers to bend and fluff  out the pieces of paper into a flower shape.
  • Glue ribbon around the toilet paper roll,  place the popsicle stick paper flowers inside the toilet paper roll.

paper flower

This is a great craft for kids. It would be pretty to dress up as a gift for Mom, whether it’s a wrapped package or gift bag with a few of these paper flower stems too.

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We hope you and your kids love making this sweet construction paper flower craft– perfect for Mother’s Day! Tell us in the comments: What’s your favorite Mother’s Day tradition?

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