Simple Summer Activities for Kids

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Simple Summer Activities for kids will keep everyone busy and having fun this summer!

When we see that we have 2 months of free-time on the calendar before school starts back up, some parents start to panic… but don’t!

You can easily find fun things to do with your kids that require very little planning, and are a whole lot of fun.  We’ve found that sometimes the most simple games and activities are the ones that are the most fun: think Hide & Seek. Kids love simple ideas. So do we!

simple summer activities

Here are some so-simple summer activities for kids:

  • Commit to a regular play date at the park with friends. Decide that every Tuesday at 9am you will meet at a specific park. Having a regular outing on the calendar can be very helpful.
  • Do one fun out-of-the-box activity a day- whether it is at home or out of the home. We love doing scavenger hunts! This nature hunt is so much fun! 

  • Come up with a basic schedule. Even though we love the relaxed summer days, keeping nap time and meal times around the same time can help create a sense of normalcy. The worst way to start a day is without a plan… it causes stress for everyone involved. Even if you want to have a down-day… plan it.   
  • Have fun with a theme for each day such as Make It Monday, Take a Trip Tuesday, etc.
  • Research parks in your town and make a checklist of them so you can visit them all during the summer. You can easily turn this into a lesson for the kids. Have them each research an area (with your help) and create mini reports or projects from each place that you go.
  • Join a summer reading program. Most libraries have one and they are a fun way for kids to get excited about reading!
  • Get a pass for a fun outing such as passes for the zoo, water park, or pool. This can be a fun addition to your summertime.
  • Create regular quiet time for your kids to rest each day while you have a little time to yourself.
  • Stock up on basic art supplies for the kids to have fun creating together.

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