Super Cute Easter Activity Worksheets — Perfect for Preschoolers!

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These Easter Preschool Worksheets are perfect for preschool kids to kindergarteners! 

Bunnies, baskets, and Easter eggs fill printable pages for pre-writing skills and math lessons. 

Easter Printable Preschool Worksheet Pack

We packed these printable worksheets full of hands-on activities. Your preschoolers will be busy and engaged with fun, adorable, and colorful Easter graphics. Get ready for a hoppin’ good time as they learn and get excited about Easter!


Here  are the activities  included on 7 fun pages:

  • trace the lines – this is great for building those fine motor skills
  • trace the shapes – what a fun way to practice hand-eye coordination!
  • number tracing – learning to recognize and write numbers is an important early math skill
  • cutting practice – build those hand muscles to make it easier to write later on
  • counting practice – before your child starts to do math problems, they have to learn to count
  • letter recognition – knowing the names and sounds of each letter is a critical pre-reading skill
  • activity maze – this helps build hand-eye coordination and develop problem-solving skills

This fun printable pack is free to use with your children at home!

Easter Printable Preschool Worksheet Pack

This Easter Printable Worksheet Pack is a great addition to your Easter preparations. It will provide your preschoolers with activities to improve their fine motor skills and their ability to follow instructions. Kids can work on it while you prepare Easter dinner!

If you’re doing preschool at home, activities like the ones included in this free Easter printable are essential. Not only do they make homeschool preschool a lot more fun, they also touch on all of those important skills that your little one will need to know before moving on to kindergarten.

Have a fabulous Easter and enjoy these free Easter printable preschool worksheets!

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We hope your kids have fun with these preschool activity worksheets. What are your favorite Easter activities? Tell us in the comments! 

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