These Bath Bombs Can Help Your Sick Baby Breathe Better

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We all know it’s cold and flu season and the last thing we want is for our kids to get sick. However, sometimes it just happens. The worst part is, stuffy little noses that make it hard for our kids to breathe (and sleep). Well, if you find yourself in that situation, give These Bath Bombs a try because Apparently they Can Help Your Sick Baby Breathe Better!

The bath bombs are Fridaybaby Breathe Frida and are natural vapor bath bombs that contain eucalyptus and lavender to help your child breathe. 

Simply pop these into a warm bath and let the bath bombs do the rest of the work. 

Vapor bath bombs deliver a bath time break from sick day blues with natural eucalyptus and lavender oils that help littles ones keep calm and breathe on. Care Instructions For external use only, do not ingest. Always dilute in water. Keep out of reach of children. This is not a toy. Store Bath Bombs in a cool, dry place. Keep individual Bombs wrapped until use. Not recommended for use in infant bath tubs.


If you’ve never used Fridababy products before, you should know, they work and work well. I’ve purchased several of their products over the years and have been really happy with how they’ve helped our kids feel better.

You can grab these soothing bath bombs on Amazon for under $8 for a 3-pack. It’ll be great for having if and when your child becomes sick.

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