These DIY Straw Beads are so simple, fun & pretty!

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Sometimes a kid’s craft is so simple, that you stop and say, “Now, why didn’t I think of that?” That’s what everyone says when I show them how easy it is to make DIY straw beads!

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Make DIY Straw Beads

What Supplies Do I Need To Make DIY Straw Beads?

You don’t need much to make your own straw beads. Just some yarn and straws.

I like using paper straws, but plastic straws work, as well!  

Make DIY Straw Beads

How Do I Make DIY Straw Beads? 

  • To make your straw beads, all you have to do is cut your straw into little half inch sections.
  • The best part about this project is, the size of your straw beads can vary because you decide how long to make the beads!
  • You can make your beads all one color with just a straw or two, or you can go all out and make them lots of colors. I really like the way they make her straw beads shiny here.

  • In order to string your beads, just add a bit of tape to the end of the yarn so it doesn’t fray as you play with it.

How Old Do Kids Have To Be To Make DIY Straw Beads?

Each child is different, and parents know them best.

This craft is great for preschoolers (supervised, of course), as well as older kids. So, that make it a wonderful craft ideas for times when you have multiple age groups working together.

Just make sure that they are old enough to understand that the beads cannot be eaten!

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Make DIY Straw Beads

What Can I Do With DIY Straw Beads?

The possibilities for DIY straw beads are endless!

DIY straw beads can be used to make necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings, pins, barrettes, keychains, and even animal keychains!

You can mix them with pony beads and other beads for a cool look, or you can craft with just straw beads. 

Make DIY Straw Beads

Looking For More Straw Crafts For Kids?

Search no further! We have more fun straw crafts!

Have you ever made beads from straws? Comment below and tell us what craft you made with them!


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