These Teachers Came Up With Genius Zoom Hacks And You’ve Got To See Them

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Like many states, schools in California are closed and we’re not even sure if they are going to reopen again before the school year is over. Since this wasn’t planned (not that it could have been planned!), a lot of parents have been struggling with what to do for their kids education. What’s great is that I have seen a lot of teacher’s doing online work with help from platforms like Zoom.

How Teachers are Hacking Zoom for Distance Teaching

Friends on Facebook have shown videos and pictures of their kids having Zoom classroom time with their teachers and classmates. It’s been adorable to see all their little faces on the screens and to see how excited they are to see their friends. Some teachers aren’t sure what’s the best way to use Zoom because maybe they’ve never used it before or haven’t used it for this purpose.

On Facebook, several teachers have been sharing tips, tricks and hacks on how to make Zoom work better.

Krissy Venosdale showed how to set up a makeshift document camera, using her phone, a laptop and some properly placed soups cans. By logging into Zoom on your phone and setting it up above the area you’re writing, your phone will remain stable and your students will be able to see what you’re writing. This Zoom hack could work for anyone that is doing a Zoom call and needs to write things out and have them seen on screen.

How Teachers are Hacking Zoom for Distance Teaching

Have your kid’s teachers been using Zoom while they’re at home?

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