Toy Story Slinky Dog – An Easy Toy Story Craft

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With the release of Toy Story 4 our kids have been wanting to make all sorts of fun Toy Story crafts and our newest creation is Slinky Dog and we loved how it turned out. So much, we are showing you exactly how to make your own!

What You Need to Make Your Own Toy Story Slinky Dog:

How to Make Your Own Toy Story Slinky Dog:

Let’s start by drawing out all the shapes that we will cut out of our foam paper.

On the tan, draw the shape of slinky’s snout and his four paws. His front paws have four toes and his back have three.

On the brown draw three circles for the front of his body, the back of his body, and his head. Make the head circle just a bit smaller than his body circles.

On the dark brown, draw the shape of his ears, four legs, and the tip of the tail.

Finally, use the black foam paper to draw a small oval for his nose. Before you cut them out make sure that all pieces are proportional to one another. As soon as you’ve finalize each part cut them all out carefully using your scissors.

Now, use hot glue to assemble all the shapes that you cut out. Keep in mind that they need to be glued together in layers. For example: brown body circle on bottom then brown head circle on top of that followed by the tan snout and the black nose last on the very top of the layers.

Don’t forget the ears and leg placement. You can use the video in this post or find an image of slinky dog to use as a reference.

Make sure to keep the front of his body and the back separated. The front part of the body should consist of the front body circle, the head, snout, nose, ears, front legs, and front paws and the back should consist of the back body circle and the back legs and back paws. The only piece that shouldn’t be attached yet is the dark brown tail. The last thing we’ll do on this step is glue the two google eyes onto slinky’s head and draw his eye brows and mouth with a black sharpie.

Now let’s make the spring to connect the to two sides of slinky’s body. Start by take at least three silver pipe cleaners and twist the ends together to create one long pipe cleaner.

Next, use some kind of long cylindrical object such as a rolling pin or toilet paper roll and wrap your long pipe cleaner around it starting on one end and working your way to the other. When the pipe cleaner is removed, it should resemble a slinky. Do the same thing with a single pipe cleaner on a smaller object such as a pen or pencil. This one will be for the tail.

Now take your large slinky shaped pipe cleaner and hot glue each end onto the two body parts of Slinky Dog. The two ends should now be connected and once the glue is dried you can stretch and squish Slinky like a real slinky dog!

The last thing to do is attach the tail. Use the small slinky pipe cleaner and glue the dark brown foam tail piece to one end and the other end onto the back side of the back part of the body.

Now you are all done! You have your own homemade slinky dog to play with!


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