Valentine Heart Origami Card

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Valentine’s Day will be here before you know it! Celebrate with this fun Valentine Heart Origami Card

Valentine Heart Origami Card


Valentine Heart Origami Card

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Valentine’s Day is a great time to share love and appreciation for each other as a family. Encourage your kids to take a break from the sugar, then put on some fun music, and make these foldable valentine heart origami cards together. This valentine heart origami card can be a fun family Valentine’s Day activity, or it can serve as DIY valentines for your kiddos to pass out at school! 

Valentine Heart Origami Card

How to Make a Paper Heart

Making a valentine heart origami card is a cute and easy way to express love for each family member (including pets!). Getting creative and spending quality time together makes any holiday a memorable experience!  First, gather your favorite art supplies, then change into comfy pajamas, and get crafting! You can even turn the activity into a cozy pajama party and play some games while snacking on these heart-shaped mini pizzas from The Nerd’s Wife!

Paper Heart Instructions:

  • Print your heart. (Don’t forget to print these cards front-to-back to make sure the pattern is on both sides!)
  • Next, write a Valentine’s Day message in the center of the heart. 
  • Now it’s time to get folding! 

Valentine Heart Origami Card

How to Fold a Paper Heart

The folding instructions are simple, and there’s just enough space provided for writing and drawing.

Instructions to Fold a Paper Heart:

  • Then, fold lines 1 and 2 down the middle. 
  • Make a pouch by folding line 3 down. 
  • Fold line 4, and then seal with a fun Valentine’s Day sticker!

When everyone’s finished making their paper hearts, you can take turns presenting your origami heart cards to each other.

You’ll be making Valentine’s Day memories as a family in no time. 

Click here to download the printable card.

Valentine Heart Origami Card

More Valentine’s Day Fun

Are you making DIY valentines this year? Comment below! 

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