Valentine’s Day Math Game {Family Fun!}

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This Valentine’s Day math game makes counting fun! 

All you need are red hearts, red beans, and red dice. We hope that your child will love this math game as much as we do!

Valentines Day Math Game for Kids!

Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is a great time to count up all the people you love. It is also a great time to practice counting with symbols of Valentine’s Day. Red beans, red heart doilies, and bright red dice are great tools to use when counting.

The red beans are wonderful counting tool. They are easy for small fingers  to pick up and grasp. They are so very reasonable to purchase at the store to use for this activity and many others.
The red heart doilies are a great a work space. They can can be glued on to a piece of paper with a game title on it or just placed on a table to work with.

The pair of red dot dice are easy for children to count or add up. Older children might have  greater challenge by using dice that have numbers instead.

beans and hearts 2

Valentine’s Math Games

We played the game by rolling the dice and adding the total of the number of dots onto our heart doilie.  We each had our own cup of red beans to work with. The goal of the game is to fill our heart with red beans first and shout, “My heart is full!”

My son added his beans to the outside edge of his heart first and then filled it in. There really isn’t a right or wrong way to add them in. Although by his filling the outside edge in first, he allowed me to introduce the word perimeter (The units around on the outside of a shape.) and area . (The    amount of space inside a shape.)

When he filled his heart with beans, my son remember to shout, “My heart is full!” Yes, he won the game.

I guess I will need to have a rematch so, I can shout, “My heart is full!” too.

Tip:  If you are playing this game with young children, you may want to work with only one die. It will make the counting a little easier for them.

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