You Can Get A Mermaid Tail For Your Kids and I’m Swimming With Joy

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What little kid, or grownup for that matter, doesn’t dream about being able to swim like a mermaid someday? Well, stop dreaming because now you can buy a mermaid tail for swimming and make all your under the sea dreams come true!

When your kids are out in the water, they may often dream of being a mermaid, skillfully flopping their tails in the water. But with our mermaid swimwear costumes, that dream can become more of a reality. You will feel like a dazzling maiden of the deep as you glide through the glittering waves. This mermaid tail package includes a fin with foot straps and is perfect for light swimming! Shimmertails can be used on land, as a costume, or in the pool.


These Shimmertail mermaid tails are simply beautiful and can help you swim like a mermaid.  Each set comes with a fin with foot straps, perfect for light swimming, and a lower body “tail” suit with plenty of color options.  You can opt for the traditional greenish tail like everyone’s favorite animated mermaid or go for something more unique like hot pink jungle cat print or lizard print blues.

Because both feet strap into the fin, mermaid tails are recommended for stronger swims, ages 10 and up.  The kicking motion required to move with the tail on requires practice to master and should only be used with another non-mermaid present.

For younger children, the mermaid tails can also serve as a dress up costume on land, and the price can’t be beat.  Right now, you can purchase your own mermaid tail for around $15. You can snag your Shimmertail Mermaid Tail Here.

While you’re waiting for summer days to practice being a mermaid, you can make a Mermaid Tail Suncatcher or try one of these 22 Adorable Mermaid Crafts!

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