You Can Get An Air Fort To Keep Kids Entertained While Stuck Inside

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When my kids ask me for help in building a fort, I always end up making a mess between wrangling the sheets, blankets, and clothespins. Then, after I get it set up, the kids manage to knock it down within minutes. This is one reason why I was thrilled to discover Air Fort. This fort can be set up within seconds… and it’ll stay up for hours if you want. Both set up and disassembly are super easy.

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How an Air Fort works

Unpack the light polyester air fort, lay it on the ground, set up an ordinary household fan with the four adhesive strips, and turn on the fan. Voila! That’s it! The fort blows up within seconds. 

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Kids — and adults — can climb into the circular fort by simply lifting up the sides and crawling in. (There’s no floor to the fort, which allows the easy access). The fort stays blown up, because the fan keeps on blowing.

The fan is hidden behind a mesh divider, so kids are unable to access it. For peace of mind and to ensure their safety though, you can also peek into the fort through the top mesh window. 

This Fort is Perfect for Playtime

Clocking in at 77 inches wide and 50 inches tall, the Air Fort is perfect for play dates and sleepovers. Tell your kids to grab their favorite books, and you can have story time in the fort too. Or, if your kids are like my son, they’ll pretend it’s their pirate fort… where no adults are allowed! 

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When play time is over and it’s time to put the fort away, simply turn off the fan and folding up the fort. The Air Fort also comes with a bag for easy storage and transport. 

While fort building with couch cushions and blankets will never go out of style, the Air Fort offers a fabulous alternative when you want a fort that will stay up for hours of play.

Now all you need to decide is which color to get. You can choose from seven colors and buy an Air Fort for $49.95 on Amazon

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